Open Source Contributors

This tutorial would not exist if not for the many people who have graciously contributed their time and expertise to the open source projects that we showcase. We want use this page to acknowledge the great work that they have done.


  • Ethan Manilow

  • Prem Seetharaman

  • Fatemeh Pishdadian

  • Nathan Shelly

  • Andreas Bugler

  • Bryan Pardo

  • Corey Grief

  • Daniel Felix Kim

  • Ben Kalish


  • Justin Salamon

  • Prem Seetharaman

  • Duncan MacConnell

  • Mark Cartwright

  • Peter Li

  • Juan Pablo Bello

Other Projects

Additionally, we want to thank the maintainers and contributors of these amazing open source projects:

  • librosa

  • matplotlib

  • numpy

  • scipy

  • scikit-learn

  • pytorch

  • pytorch-ignite

  • soundfile

  • mir_eval

  • open_unmix

  • asteroid

  • demucs

  • gif

  • gradio

  • pyloudnorm

  • Spleeter

  • Wave-U-Net


The authors have used the following images from the Noun Project:

  • “Mixing Board” by Nick Dominguez

  • “Overdrive Pedal” by Joel Wisneski

  • “Guitar Amplifier” by Premyslav

  • “Microphone” by Olena Panasovska

  • “Singer” by Gan Khoon Lay

  • “Bass Guitar” by Marvdrock

  • “Drum” by Hopkins

  • “Microphone” by IconMark

  • “piano keyboard” by b farias

Special Thanks

The authors want to acknowledge the many members of the community who graciously let us use parts of their work in this book. Their names are placed throughout the text.

We also want to thank these people, without whom we would not be able to write this book:

  • Bryan Pardo

  • Jonathan Le Roux

  • Gordon Wichern